Laughter is big, when the food is grand. Parties are unlimited today. You can book your tables in your favorite restaurants online. See the menu. Choose the venue. Register group parties, enjoy sumptuous meal, and add it to your company bills. Everything is made easier with Cafecox integrates a centralized Epos, automation that enables the managers, to check all the processes involved with every order and generate bills quickly and easily. Customer relationships can be maintained better in that way, as there is continuous monitoring done on all the staff, through this effective system. Cameras as integrated to the set up, to view and take needful action immediately. Sales figures can be available readily. Financial place of the restaurant can be ascertained at once. This is good when there are chains of outlets for the restaurant owner to take a quick look on the performance standards of operations in every place. Front desk operates, diligent and the operational efficiency of the staff as well as the managers can only get to improve.

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